Monday Roundup of Stuff

1) Got my hands on a copy of PistolPress' gorgeous anthology, The Future Hygienic. You can find my poem "From the Desk of Mr. Khan" in there. I haven't read the whole book yet but some standouts I've already read so far include works by Blake Butler, Peter Schwartz, and Jeremy Dodds. Hey, don't just take my word for it. If you can't get yourself to a store that carries PistolPress goodness, you can now download the book as a pdf for free!

Download The Future Hygienic here.

2) I have a new piece coming out on the 29th of November in Spilt Milk, the online literary journal of Warm Milk Printing Press. So stay tuned for that. Spilt Milk is great. It's new. And it's edited by Ben Spivey, Kyle Whitley, and Jennifer Whitley.

J.A. Tyler and Eric Beeny have some great works up on Spilt Milk. Check them out here.

The newest piece is by fellow Quebecer, Kenneth Radu. Funfact: Radu's son was my wedding photographer. Small world!!!

3) I have a poem up on The Brandi Wells Review.

Warning. This poem contains several f-bombs and a reference to Coldplay.

If these items to do not offend you, please check it out here. Thanks, Brandi.

That's it, that's all.



ben spivey said...


Thanks for being a part of Spilt Milk. Jennifer, Kyle and I really enjoyed your piece.

Greg Santos said...

Well, thank YOU for having me!