This edition of Stuff is brought to you by "nostalgia."

1) Kathryn Regina has curated an online exhibit at Wunderkammer featuring childhood photos of writers. Each participant was given the photo of another writer and then wrote a short piece based on that photo. Check it out here.

Upcoming writers include Adam Robinson, Kendra Grant Malone, Matthew Savoca, J.A. Tyler, Justin Rands, Olivia Cronk, Sasha Fletcher, Melissa Walker, Amanda Marbais, H.V. Crammond, Della Watson, Evelyn Hampton, Erin Teegarden, Catherine Maskell, Martin Wall, Gene Morgan, Sean Lovelace, Sarah Eaton, John Wright, Jamie Gaughran-Perez, Christopher Higgs, Andrea Rexilius, Bianca Stone, Paula Gilovich and Sam Pink.

2) Have you checked out My Parents Were Awesome? Send in photos of your parents' awesomeness here.

3) Awkward family photos. Speaks for itself.

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