Thinking Things Through by Greg Santos

Alright peeps, my poetry series Thinking Things Through is now up on Pangur Ban Party.

I am super excited to be sharing the same interweb space with heavyweights like Sam Pink (Bernard Goetz), Jillian Clark (The Moon is Essentially Gray) J.A. Tyler (When We Take Off Our Heads), Ryan Manning (Softcore Lolitas), Ben Brooks (This Body is My Body [And I Want to Use It]), xTx (Your Eyes), Crispin Best (Go Ninja Go Ninja Go), and many more.

A big thank you goes out to DJ Berndt for publishing Thinking Things Through and for its lovely layout and design. I bow down to you, sir.

Please give Thinking Things Through a read. It will give you the munchies.

And feel free to leave comments. I will be your best friend.



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Mel Bosworth said...

Congrats, Greg. Great work among great works. Can't wait to join y'all.