My buddy Ben Mirov has been writing numbered items on his blog. I thought to myself, Self, I think Ben's on to something. And so I'm going to rip off his format for this post. Thanks, B. I owe you one. So here's some stuff:

1) I received my MFA diploma from the New School today. Yesssssss. I am now officially a master. Somehow feel like I should get a black belt, too.

2) This story by Eric Beeny in Abjective is cool. Literally. It's about a snowman.

3) After blogging this, I'm going to spend the rest of my evening reading Letter's to Wendy by Joe Wendroth. My night is going to be awesome. Here are some excerpts from it.

3) This song/video called "Ghost-Story Song" is both creepy and lovely.

4) I wrote two erasure poems at the Erasures site from Wave Books. They are called "We were startled by the sound of fog" and "We could hear our hearts" and they were written using the same source material, "Out of the fog" by C.K. Ober. Try writing one yourself. All the cool kids are doing it.

5) Ryan Bird is my hero. Read his poem "The Restless Doghouse". I cried a little bit.

Over and out,


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