Interviewed by Nathan Tyree

As I had mentioned in an earlier post, Nathan Tyree has interviewed me. Hey, that sort of rhymes. Cool. Anyway, without further ado, you can read the complete interview with me here.

Tyree has interviewed some cool peeps like Sam Pink. I feel honored to now be one of his interviewees. Tyree is the author of the book Mr. Overby is Falling. He is the United States editor of Bookmunch and an editor at Magazine of the Dead.

His attempt to auction off the opportunity to be a character in his novel on ebay has been receiving some press lately from places like Black Heart Magazine and HTMLGIANT.

Thanks, Nathan Tyree. And thanks for the shout out here.

Good luck on your ambitious endeavor.

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Gillian said...

Congrats on your thesis and I loved the interview.
What a ways we've all come. :)