My Desk in Sitting Pretty Magazine

Ever wondered where all the magic happens? Then check out my desk in Sitting Pretty Magazine. You can see it here.

Thanks, Paul A. Toth.

Here's what Recently Banned Literature has to say about Sitting Pretty Magazine:

"As readers might recall, Hit and Run provides a visually compelling record of creative work still in its raw form by sharing notes of works-in-progress. Sitting Pretty takes this line of thinking another step by focusing on writers’ desks and workspaces, which are, in their own way, as revealing as their notebooks and other bad habits. There is an obstinate glory in these photographs, also a sense of obsession, restlessness, destiny, and play in the levels of order and disorder they relate."

Toth's project reminds me of Evie Christie's great website, Desk Space, which I would say is the Canadian equivalent. I also like how Desk Space interviews the writers to go along with the photographs of their workspaces.

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