More VQR

So it seems like I was the first person to write a poem using the words from VQR's ten most common submission titles list.

Here are some samples of what some people had to say on the VQR blog's comment board:

Jeff Stumpo Says:
So who will be the first one to write "Untitled Sonnet about Night Drowning in its Sleep" or "Prayer for Gravity's Homecoming"?

Waldo Jaquith Says:
Greg Santos, actually.

Carolyn Cordon Says:
That was a far greater poem than I imagined it would be. Thanks for sharing Greg's poem Waldo.

Indeed. Thanks for sharing my poem with your readers at VQR, Waldo. I really just wrote it for kicks.

All your kind comments make me sorta feel like Cinderella.


Carolyn said...

Cinderella, hey? What happens come midnight?

Greg Santos said...

I turn into a pumpkin.