Poetry and Butter. Together at Last.

Next they should package poetry with creamed corn. How about poetry and pomegranates? Poetry and Spam? Spoetry?

From TheDay.com:

Food is a favorite subject for Stonington poet Leslie McGrath, so the fact that she has churned out an ode to butter for the product from Cabot Creamery is, you might say, poetic justice.

Now, her poem called “Butter Taps” graces the sides of Cabot pound packages along the East Coast, from here (Groton's Big Y) to Delaware (her sister-in-law reports seeing them there).

"They make two million packages. Never again in my career will I have two million people reading what I write," says McGrath, who has a great sense of humor and punctuates this line, like many others, with laughter.

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