One Ring to Rule Them All: 2008 ReLit Awards

The 8th annual ReLit Awards Shortlists were announced recently and I have to say I'm thrilled to see some great poetry books get some nods, particularly David McGimpsey's Sitcom and I Cut My Finger by Stuart Ross. Congrats to both authors! I haven't had the chance to read any of the books in the other genres so I can't really give my opinion on them but in terms of the poetry nominations, both McGimpsey's book and Ross's book are outstanding. Boy this is going to be a tough one, folks!

The ReLit Awards celebrate Canadian authors whose literary works have been published independently and it has been called "The country's pre-eminent literary prize recognizing independent presses" by The Globe and Mail.

And don't forget, the winners receive a snazzy ReLit Ring (pictured above), which features four moveable dials, each one struck with the entire alphabet, for spelling words. Sweet!

Without further ado, here are the shortlists:


I Cut My Finger, Stuart Ross (Anvil)
Soft Geography, Gillian Wigmore (Caitlin)
The Shovel, Colin Browne (Talonbooks)
All Things Said & Done, Marita Dachsel (Caitlin)
Two Hemispheres, Nadine McInnis (Brick)
AEthel, Donato Mancini (New Star)
Sitcom, David McGimpsey (Coach House)


Up on the Roof, P.K. Page (Porcupine’s Quill)
Bix’s Trumpet, Dave Margoshes (NeWest)
Six Ways to Sunday, Christian McPherson (Nightwood)
Long After Fathers, Roberta Rees (Coteau)
Black Rabbit, Salvatore Difalco (Anvil)
Seven Openings of the Head, Liane Keightley (conundrum)
Long Story Short, Elyse Friedman (Anansi)


The Outlander, Gil Adamson (Anansi)
Orphan Love, Nadia Bozak (Key Porter)
The Milk Chicken Bomb, Andrew Wedderburn (Coach House)
Big White Knuckles, Brian Tucker (Vagrant)
Crown Shyness, Curtis Gillespie (Brindle & Glass)
Soucouyant, David Chariandy (Arsenal Pulp)
The Reckoning of Boston Jim, Claire Mulligan (Brindle & Glass)

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