The Egregious Newsletter, issue #3

The third issue of The Egregious is now available for your viewing pleasure. It is a monthly electronic publication from the folks who bring us Feathertale. Each issue includes work by a featured artist, as well as poetry, prose, banters and interviews with interesting people.;

This month's June issue includes:

- Part III of a Short Story by Iain Marlow
- A Q&A with Chris Oliveros
- Poetry by Ryan Bird
- Featured Art by Rebecca Hitchens
- A Character Sketch by Graeme Millen and Alejandro Cardona
- A Monkey Banter

Download The Egregious here and for more info click here.

And in other Feathertale related news, apparently The Feathertale Review was recently accepted into Magazines Canada, a national collective of some of the country's best magazines. This means that The Feathertale Review will soon join the ranks of Maclean's, Carousel, Taddle Creek, and The Walrus in bookstores and on newsstands across Canada. I've been a regular contributor to the mag for some time now and not only am I grateful for the kindness and warmth they've always shown me but I'm also constantly impressed by the high-quality of the writing they feature and the gorgeous art/layout of the Review. Congrats!

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