Poetry at The Union Square Cafe

Why was I not aware of this during National Poetry Month? I'm always around Union Square when I'm in the Big Apple. Seriously, I would love to eat steak frites accompanied by a little Bukowski. Don't forget to click on the link to Matt Gould's Union Square Cafe video holiday card.

From The New Yorker:

For the fifth season running, the wait-staff at U.S.C. began every day in April, which is National Poetry Month, by reading aloud limericks, haikus, villanelles, and quatrains of their choosing, and, sometimes, composition.

When U.S.C. changed its bread service, one waiter wrote a sixteen-line rhyming ode (“No more folding of napkins or slicing of bread / Station 5 is so joyful it’s an end to the dread”); another reworked the lyrics of Christmas carols (“Sil-ver-waaare, Sil-ver-waaare”). The biggest hit of last year’s series was a catchy rap poem written by a waiter named Matt Gould, which the bosses eventually got him to turn into a video holiday card. “Things never change or change later than sooner / Like the calamari, Billecart, filet mignon, and tuna!” Gould sings, while his co-workers shimmy on top of tables. (The Peppermill could be a new dance.)

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