Cornelia Street Cafe Reading: Recap

I had a great time reading at The Cornelia Street Cafe Graduate Poets Series last night. I'd never been to Cornelia before but it's a great, cozy venue, complete with dim lights and candles on each table. So romantic!

I read two poems from Oblivion Avenue and some new poems. I also couldn't resist reading an awesome poem by one of my seven-year-old students from the poetry class I teach and I think it was a real crowd pleaser.

It was a pleasure to be on the same lineup as Scotte Hardin, Caledonia Kearns, Rena Priest, and fellow New School representative, Michael Wilson. All the readers really impressed me and it was a treat to hear what other poets in the NYC area are up to in their writing.

Honestly, it's always a little nerve-wracking going up on stage but Maryn and a few of my New School peeps came by for support and they made me feel totally relaxed. You guys are rocksome!

Thanks again to Adina and Alyssa for inviting me to read. I had a blast!

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