The Longest Poem in the World

Go add a line to the longest poem in the world.

Try to find my line: "Somewhere a toaster is glaring enviously at a microwave".

Sure, the poem has been inundated by spam and horny robots but somehow that makes this experiment even more interesting. Is this poem a parable of modern life perhaps?

There's a good piece about this project from The Poetry Foundation:

As you read this, a robot-human consortium is hard at work composing a verse epic on the Internet. “The World’s Longest Poem” is hosted on Benrik, a Web site run by British authors Ben Carey and Henrik Delehag, and is being written via a truly democratic process: anyone with access to the Internet can add a line of up to 60 characters. Lines range from the self-consciously literary to the merely self-conscious (“I think this poem has long lost its original purpose”) to spam ads, which get repeated so often that they form a sort of refrain (“cheap viagra online / cialis online / The blind Shakespearean and Yeatsian worshipper cries! / generic viagra online”). It’s currently 19,000 lines long, and growing at a rate of roughly 3,800 lines each year.

More here.

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