Reading = Deviant Behavior

There I was, minding my own business, aimlessly surfing the Internet like a normal person, when I came across this shocking article. Apparently, some freak in Greenwood, Indiana has actually read an entire book. Of his own free will! Thank you, The Onion, for helping make the general public more aware of this potentially destructive pastime...

From The Onion:

Sitting in a quiet downtown diner, local hospital administrator Philip Meyer looks as normal and well-adjusted as can be. Yet, there's more to this 27-year-old than first meets the eye: Meyer has recently finished reading a book.

Yes, the whole thing.

According to behavioral psychologist Dr. Elizabeth Schulz, Meyer's reading of entire books is abnormal and may be indicative of a more serious obsession with reading.

"Instead of just zoning out during a bus ride or spending hour after hour watching YouTube videos at night, Mr. Meyer, unlike most healthy males, looks to books for gratification," Schulz said. "Really, it's a classic case of deviant behavior."

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