Partygoers Trash Robert Frost's Home

Darn whippersnappers! I say this is a case of poetry discrimination and I bet you it was a gang of non-fiction writers...

From ABC News:

Revelers destroyed dozens of items inside the Homer Noble Farm in rural Ripton, Vt., a property purchased by Frost the year after his wife died in 1939. Wicker furniture was smashed and tossed into a fireplace to generate heat, Vermont State Police spokesman Sgt. Lee Hodsden said, and tables, chairs, windows, dish ware and light fixtures all were targeted by partygoers.

"It was an underage drinking party with a lot of alcohol and drug use," Hodsden said, describing a scene that included vomit in the living room, a pair of discharged fire extinguishers and plastic cups left over from a drinking game. "Apparently, they play a game called beer pong. That's what all the cups were for."

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