The Feathertale Review: Issue 2

Issue #2 of The Feathertale Review is now on sale. This issue from the twisted minds behind Feathertale.com contains eighty pages of "high-and low-brow discombobulated quirkiness by writers, poets and artists from around the world."


-Three Astonishing Tales of a South African Minibus Taxi Driver
, fiction from the streets of Johannesburg by James Clarke- Dinner with Tiff An Aspiring Writer's Impromptu Reading, Richard Taylor's memoirs of a supper with Timothy Findley
- The Feathertale Cartoon Review, sixteen pages of comics and cartoons including A Tribute to Fallen Superheroes, The Invasion of the Pod People and Blue Haired Crime by Matt Hammill, Gavin McCarthy and Jamie Tucker
- Plus doodles by Margaret Atwood (The Handmaid’s Tale), artwork by Graham Roumieu (Me Write Book) and work by familiar Feathertale.com contributors Michael Spring, Lisa Zaran, Greg Santos and many more.

Take a peek inside The Feathertale Review: Issue #2.

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