Bowl of Cherries

In October, McSweeney's published the novel Bowl of Cherries by first-time novelist, Millard Kaufman. It's receiving a big push from McSweeney's, much like Chris Adrian's magical novel The Children's Hospital did last year.

What makes Bowl of Cherries interesting from a marketing standpoint is that the author, Millard Kaufman, is 90 years old and has lived quite the unique life. Before publishing his first novel, he was a U.S. Marine in WWII, a test subject in a cobra venom experiment, and is the co-creator of the cartoon character, Mr. Magoo.

Does Kaufman's colorful background overshadow the quality of the novel? Only time will tell, but Bowl of Cherries still looks like a quirky addition to anyone's McSweeney's library.

Watch an interview with Millard Kaufman here.

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