Bill Murray: Poetry Lover

The Brooklyn Paper / Graham Letorney

This past Monday, Poets House held their 12th annual "Poetry Walk" across the Brooklyn Bridge, and I think it's amusing that it probably wouldn't have gotten much media exposure if funnyman, Billy Murray, hadn't joined in on the poetic festivities. I'm sure Kimiko Hahn, Major Jackson, Galway Kinnell and Thomas Lux would've liked some recognition too, seeing as they are poets and well, Murray isn't. But in all fairness, Murray is a keen supporter of poetry - recently doing a great introduction for Billy Collins Live: A Performance at the Peter Norton Symphony Space - so I'm glad to see him out there for a good cause. We need more celebs out there helping make poetry accessible to the youngins - think Robert Pinsky's recent hilarious appearance with Stephen Colbert and Sean Penn.

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