Back from Sarah Lawrence

Moondoggy's Pad is back in business! I spent about a week at the summer writing seminar at Sarah Lawrence College. Everyone was so welcoming and friendly, and the faculty was surprising approachable - no divas or primadonnas to speak of! This was refreshing considering that many of the poets and writers at this seminar are extremely accomplished.

The poetry summer faculty was a veritable who's who in contemporary American poetry: Billy Collins, Laure-Anne Bosselaar, Stephen Dobyns, Thomas Lux, and Dean Young. My workshop group with Dean Young was a blast and I really feel like I've learned so much from him and the rest of my class - it's remarkable we were only there for six days. The readings, lectures, and craft talks were also useful and informative but I'd have to say the best part was meeting and hanging out with folks who are as enthusiastic about poetry as I am.

Anyway, enough gushing from little old me. In honor of my experience this past week, I want to post a link to a podcast of long-time Sarah Lawrence writing faculty member, Thomas Lux. Lux is funny, intelligent, charismatic, and this week somehow managed to convince poets at the writing seminar to get off their asses and onto a baseball diamond, not once but twice. No easy feat, I can tell you that. Enjoy:

Two Satirical Poems by Thomas Lux from The Poetry Foundation.

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