Moondoggy Recommends #9

We All Belong: Dr. Dog
My favorite song so far from 2007 has to be "My Old Ways" by Dr. Dog off their new album We All Belong. The Philadelphia based band sound like they belong in a different era. Their penchant for catchy melodies, harmonies, and lush instrumentation, makes it seem like they'd be comfortable playing alongside The Beatles and The Beach Boys. While it could be argued that they're just Beatles wannabees, they've been able to produce songs that sound timeless and familiar yet still wholly original and contemporary. Don't walk, run, to buy their new album. It'll have you singing, "I don't want to go back to my old ways..." over and over.

Album Highlights: The whole thing is great but personally I'd say, "Old News", "My Old Ways", "The Girl", "Ain't it Strange", "We All Belong".

View Dr. Dog's Myspace page here.

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