Water directed by Deepa Mehta

Water - Fox Searchlight Pictures

I finally saw "Water" this weekend and although I love "Pan's Labyrinth", I hope "Water" wins Best Foreign Film at the Academy Awards. But like the New York Times article says, even if it doesn't win, the fact that it actually exists and that audiences are embracing it, is a triumph.

From The New York Times:

Win or lose tomorrow night at the Academy Awards ceremony in Los Angeles, one contender —
Deepa Mehta’s “Water,” a nominee for best foreign-language film — will already have scored its greatest triumph simply by existing.

In January 2000, rioting Hindu nationalists in India shut down her set after she had spent just two days filming her story of an 8-year-old widow shunned by traditional society in the holy city of Varanasi...

“It’s not simply an issue film,” said the novelist Salman Rushdie, who has championed “Water” since its inception. “What makes the film work is the insight into the characters and the psychological impact of the characters.”

Read the entire New York Times article here.

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