God, Inc - Episode 6

"You know, I always wanted to give dolphins opposable thumbs just to see what would happen..."

The final episode of "God, Inc." I was shocked to learn that this was the last one but I certainly hope it gets picked up as a TV show. Best of luck to Francis Stokes, the creator of the series.


Josh said...

This was fantastic; it reminds me of The Office.

I loved the line:

"I'm having a walkathon for cancer."

"Oh nice, but Meagan is already having one."

"No, she's having one against cancer. I'm having one FOR it."

Greg Santos said...

I've been following the online series since it started. To see all the previous episodes, visit: francisstokes.com.

Josh said...

thanks, I've been following them on your site.

For all those who are on the fence about whether to read Moondoggy daily, you should know that this man they call Greg will enrich you with his passion for all things art. And he also does a mean Miss Piggy impression. Moondoggy fan until the end.

Just like The Truman Show, we're all wondering how it will end.

Greg Santos said...

Funny you should mention Miss Piggy... I just bought the 1st Season of The Muppet Show.

Josh said...

so did I!