Esquire Napkin Project

Got some time to kill? Check out the Esquire Napkin Project, where you'll find a variety of authors who responded to Esquire's challenge:

It's an old story, we figured. Someone, in a bar somewhere, scribbling on a napkin in the failing afternoon light; the kind of story or list or note that might be crammed in a pocket and pulled out years later to tell something deep and forgotten - perhaps life's most intimate first chapter, nearly lost forever. So we gave this spontaneous medium a shot. We put 250 napkins in the mail to writers from all over the country - some with a half dozen books to their name, others just finishing their first. In return, we got nearly a hundred stories. We present a sampling here - from lush to spare, hilarious to terrifying.

Hundreds of stories were sent in and you can read the likes of Jonathan Ames, Canada's own Sheila Heti, Rick Moody, Aimee Bender, and much, much more. Happy time-killing!

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