"Robble, robble!": Hamburglar at Yale

Ok, here's a weird New Haven story. This morning Maryn and I ran some errands, stopping by Yale's French department, where we noticed a sign-up sheet for the department's annual potluck dinner. I laughed when I noticed someone had marked down that they were bringing ham and then we went about our merry way.

Fast-forward to a couple of minutes ago when Maryn sent me an article referring to the above-mentioned ham in - of all places - The New Haven Register.

I really recommend you read the article, which begins like this: "This is a story about a stolen ham, old-fashioned police work and a group of grateful bilingual Yale graduate students whose potluck dinner now won’t be ham free..."

Read the full piece here: City cops quickly close case of ex-prof's pilfered pork.

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