Augusto de Campos

I went to a conference today called Poetry/Art: celebrating 50 years of Brazilian Concrete Poetry in the Sao Paolo Modern Art Museum 1956-2006.

I learnt about a number of interesting poets but in the end I came out impressed by a Brazilian poet named, Augusto de Campos. I wasn't familiar with de Campos' works but events like this are great because of the opportunity to discover new poets or poets I knew nothing about.

Born in 1931, Augusto de Campos is one of the founders of concrete poetry. From 1980 onwards, he's been experimenting with new media, presenting his works in various forms like holograms, lasers, and computer animations.

Here are some links to learn more about this innovative poet:

An essay on Brazilian Concrete poetry:
"Concrete Poetry: A World View: Brazil".

A website where you can see some of his Flash animation poems (I personally recommend "S.O.S." and "Cidade"). View it here.

More of his poems can be seen/heard at his personal website:
Augusto de Campos' personal website.

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