The great unknown...

I usually don't get into my personal life too much on this blog anymore but today I thought I'd make an exception. Yesterday Eva threw an intimate going-away party for me at her apartment and invited a few of my close friends.

There were just seven of us: Josh, Eva, Ryan, Paige, Aaron, and Vince. We ordered a couple of pizzas, had some drinks, and chilled out for most of the night. A big thanks to Eva for hosting the evening and for all my friends who could make it. Y'all rawk!

Tonight I'm going out for supper with Josh and Ryan, two of my oldest and closest buddies. I'm looking forward to spending quality time just the three of us.

For the past few weeks I've been seeing many of my old friends, catching up with them, and spending time with family before I head out to the US. I'm happy I've been able to see so many people but at the same time it's really hitting me that I'm moving into my first real apartment, living with Maryn, and going to Columbia University. Lots of big steps.

I got a message from Maryn this morning, she arrived safely to New Haven last night and is already starting to unpack and get settled in. I leave early tomorrow and will soon join her. It's a bit overwhelming thinking about what's going to happen next because I don't know what's in store for me but as scary as it is, I'm glad I'm not doing this alone.

A huge thanks also goes out to my mom who's driving me and my stuff to New Haven. She's been my number #1 fan since the beginning - and never fails to remind me that she always reads this blog. In fact, I think she reads it more consistently than anyone else I know.

Moondoggy's Pad is going to be moving but I'm not going to say goodbye because that's way too final. I'm really just saying, "see ya later".

So, see ya later everybody.

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