Back in Bagtown

Hi all. Just a small note to let you know that I'm alive and well. My flight was delayed somewhat - a whole day in fact - but I was able to make it to Halifax in one piece. Halifax went by like a blur but we had some pretty memorable experiences: Kathy (Maryn's mom) unintentionally ordering a "salty" Irish coffee, seeing the great Christopher Pratt exhibition at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia as well as Maude Lewis's tiny painted house, discovering a wonderful Thai restaurant called Baan Thai where they stayed open just for us, and finding a copy of the now out of print 1st issue of Black Heart Magazine at Venus Envy.

Anyway, we're back in Sackville now and Maryn's telling me lunch is ready. If I don't post again over the next few days, I'll be back in Montreal on Sunday. Take care everyone.

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