Mile-Runners Rule!

Josh and I went to Casa del Popolo last night and witnessed a remarkable event. We were originally going to see Mike Evin but didn't realize that Amanda Mabro and Peter Katz were playing as well. Since Josh had to wake up early this morning we had to leave by 11 and were therefore only able to see one performance.

Any other day I might have been disappointed to miss the rest of the show but Peter Katz completely blew me away. This guy is definitely going to go far. I'm not surprised that he received the 2005 CBC Galaxie Rising Star Award. We ended up buying his two CD's and if you have a chance, do whatever you can to listen to "The Fence" which was inspired by Matthew Shepard, the teen whose story The Laramie Project is based on. Absolutely heartbreaking and beautiful. Katz is coming back with his band in March so I'll be sure to post those dates as soon as I can.

If you want to find out more about him check out his official website: peterkatz.org

Changing subjects, Shift and Switch: New Canadian Poetry is having their launch in Montreal tonight. I won't be able to attend because I'm going to a party but if anyone else is interested I figured I'd post the information. I've had a chance to peek at the book and there's a lot of innovative and exciting poetry inside. Plus Jon Paul Fiorentino's going to be reading and he's always a delight to hear in person. If one of you fine readers has a chance to go, please let me know how it turns out.


The Launch of Shift and Switch: New Canadian Poetry

Featuring readings by

Jon Paul Fiorentino
Matthew Hollett
Max Middle
Rob Read
Mark Truscott.

Saturday, January 14, 8pm @ Cafe Esperanza 5490

Visit the Shift and Switch website:

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