Good afternoon ladies and gents. It's a fine Friday afternoon and if you could hear me talking right now, you would think I was either really drunk or that I have a very pronounced speech impediment.

This afternoon I had an appointment with a specialist to get my last wisdom tooth out. To make a long story short, I got my wisdom tooth taken out but there was one little snag. The doctor froze the right side of my face and after doing a little bit of poking around, realized he froze the wrong side. So now, I have both sides frozen and I'm trying really hard not to drool everywhere. My lips feel like they drooping lower than Mick Jagger's and Melanie Griffith's trout lips. On the plus side, I got 50% off the procedure but I am a little peeved. I mean seriously, you should really know where the problem is before starting to perform surgery. Luckily, everything turned out ok in the end.

Now, time to watch movies, play videogames and eat lots of ice cream and chicken soup. Score!

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