No more classes this semester. No more classes at Mount Allison. It feels very strange to be writing that. It actually still hasn't hit me but it feels great to be able to write it. I had my last two classes today and now I have to wait to write my exams, then I come home on April 20th. I have four exams to write in total and I'll be graduating on May 10th (knock on wood. I don't want to jinx myself).


That week there was another man,
a man who could not see.
Jesus rubbed his eyes and said,
"Believe and you will see."

And believing,
the man could see.
Thank you, God of Light,
for giving light to me.

Jesus taught in the temple that week,
the week he was to die.
You'd think he'd be liked
for all that he did.
But some said, "No!"
"He's trouble!" they cried.
So they wanted him to die.

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