Maryn's grandmother passed away last night. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family.

Yesterday Maryn and I went out for milkshakes and a "homestyle" meal and went people watching for one of her assignments. It's funny, you never notice what kind of characters there are all around you until you actively go search them out. I've done that in Montreal and had lots of fun watching people on Mount Royal, and downtown. You should try it. Sit down wherever you can and just watch people. Have a journal, or notebook handy and jot down what they're doing and every once and a while you'll come up with gold. A person that's so interesting, it's as if they're characters who have popped straight out of a movie or book.

Today we decided to take a break from Sackville and we took the morning bus to Moncton. Maryn was looking for a pair of new sneakers, and some baby books for a friend's baby shower. I was just happy to be away from Sackville for a few hours. I ended up buying Jack Kerouac's "Doctor Sax and the Great World Snake", it's his unabridged screenplay based on his novel "Dr. Sax", complete with a 2 CD audio version of the screenplay. I'm actually listening to it right now. It's crazy man. Can you dig?

I don't have much planned for tonight. I'm planning on doing more work for school, catching up on reading, and counting down the days until school's over. Two days of classes left!!!

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