Holy Thursday

On Thursday night,
("Holy Thursday ")
Jesus ate with his friends.
Now, you should know
that same night,
long ago,
God freed his people
from the chains of Pharaoh.

Bread and wine
Jesus gave to them:
"Here is my body,
"And here is my blood.
"It will make you free.
"When you do this," he said,
"remember me."

They went to a garden,
after the meal,
and Jesus knelt and prayed:
"Father, my Father,
"help me.
"Help me, I'm afraid."

Then Judas came,
and soldiers too,
who put him in chains,
and took him alone
to Pontius Pilate
who sat on a throne.
"He dangerous!"
"He must die!" they cried.
And Pilate, for no reason, replied:
"He must be crucified!"

Then they whipped him,
and pushed him
to a place called Calvary.
He fell sometimes,
carrying the cross,
cut from a heavy tree.

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