Good afternoon everyone. Today we had a some snow. But not just any snow. Giant, mutant snow the size of my fist. It was surreal to walk outside and see the giant snow flakes fall to the ground. It was very beautiful. I wish I could have taken a picture of them. However, as beautiful as the snow is, I'd rather not have any snow on the ground in April. But whatcha gonna do?

Yesterday was Palm Sunday, the beginning of the Holy Week in the Christian faith. Yesterday Maryn and I went to the University chapel for the Sunday service as well as to pay our respects to her grandmother who recently passed away, and in remembrance of my father who would have celebrated his 60th birthday. So it was a very contemplative day for the both of us.

Everyday until Easter Monday, I'll post some little passages about the holy week. Since I missed yesterday, I'll post yesterday's and today's:

Palm Sunday

Jesus came to Jerusalem,
the week he was to die,
riding on a donkey,
riding strong and high.

Children ran to meet him,
palms in hand they sing:
"Hosanna, Son of David,
"Hosanna to our king."


The week he came another man died,
Lazarus was his name.
"Come out of your grave,"
Jesus cried,
and out of his grave he came.

Thank you, God of Life;
you want me to live, not die.

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