The snow is still falling strong

I've never seen a storm go on this strongly for so long. The weather outside looks exactly the same as it did when I woke up this morning except that I have a huge snow drift right outside my window. I was on the phone a few minutes ago and as I looked out the window, a snowball came hurtling towards my face. After getting over the initial shock, I saw that the snowball came from a bunch of people braving the crazy weather in snow suits, on the little mountain. Then I was face to face with one of them and so we waved to each other and I continued talking on the phone. I then realized that I had been face to face with someone outside my window while I was also on the second floor of Harper. That was weird.

I received another e-mail informing the University population that school will be closed until 12:30 tomorrow which means I only have one class left before the break. There is even a possibility that there won't be any school tomorrow if the weather continues to go the way it's going. Maybe the break will start early :)

I didn't go outside today and I don't plan on braving the weather. If you are in the Maritimes, stay safe and have a good night.

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