Shadow play is at its peak
When the sun is out
Playing hide and seek

Good afternoon Moodoggy-ites. Today is Thursday, one more day till the weekend! I've had a few assignments and stuff due this week so I'm pretty happy to have a little break coming up. I might be going to see a play this weekend at Windsor theatre called "Normal, But Also, Interesting and Unique". I don't know much about it, hopefully I'm pleasantly surprised.

Just a second. Fanta wants to say something:

blub blub splarsh bloob bluba blubba

Well that is quite true. I never thought of it that way.

blooba blub splisha bab blubu

I hope we've all learnt something from Fanta today folks...

... More people should really learn how to speak Goldfishese.

Until next time. Play safe and "Bloob bla blub."

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