"I Grieve" Peter Gabriel

Good afternoon. It's snowing right now, and has been since Friday. So it's been a very white, and blustery weekend. I saw a very "unique" play on Friday and I think I'll just leave it at that since it's a very difficult premise to understand if one wasn't there to see it in person. Let's just say there were aliens, monkey doctors, big hats, and crop circles...

Saturday was a nice relaxing day. I took the day off, relaxed and read for my own pleasure. I've been reading Paul Auster's "City of Glass" from his "New York Trilogy" and it's one of the most original works of literature I've read in a while. It's very different from his later, lighter novel "Timbuktu". Every once and a while I have to stop, take a breath and let the work sink in. It's a very interesting work of meta-fiction, and his style is very reminiscent of Jorges Louis Borges - one of my favourite writers. I took the book out on February 4th and I'm on page 150, devouring it like I have a great hunger to satisfy.

Last night I also watched "Ringu 2" with Maryn, Jen, Zeeshan, and Zuhair. It was exactly one week after seeing "Ringu" and luckily nothing happened when the movie was over. Phew. I enjoyed it but I found the original a lot scarier.

That's all for now. I'm going to go watch Fanta for a while. He's getting lonely from the lack of attention.

Have a great day.

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