"Eskimo": Damien Rice

Good evening everyone. The weather's been pretty nice here in Sackville. I took a nice walk downtown today and just enjoyed the cold, crisp air. Valentine's day is coming up soon. Maryn and I made reservations to go to Marshland's Inn for supper on Saturday which will be a very nice change from Meal Hall. I'll probably be doing Bushido too on Saturday too so I'll be a very happy, yet very sore boy but at least my sword fighting skills are improving:)

Craig has gone on a business trip to Cornwall so I'm apartment sitting and taking care of his plants. Yesterday Maryn and I cooked a nice meal in his kitchen (much more spacious than the little ones in Harper). Maryn was in charge of making the salad, and she also made sweet potato french fries and I made the main course which was a thick and hearty chick pea soup/stew. I used garlic, cherry tomatoes, potatoes... Yummy, it was good.

I have to go to some reading now so I hope y'all have a good night. Cheers!

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