Outside there are snowflakes dancing down to the ground. Although it may be cold, from in here the weather looks simply beautiful.

My classes were done at 1:00 so I've been taking it easy since then. I've been doing some reading for some of my other courses and I also went downtown for a little bit and ended up renting two movies. I'm probably not going to watch them both tonight since I have them until Saturday. I got "Shadow Magic", and "Gambling, Gods, and LSD". I don't really know much about them but I thought they looked interesting so I may love them, or I may hate them. I'll let you all know if they are worth seeing.

Last night I was watching Rey and he seemed uncomfortable and jittery. I decided it would be best for the little guy to change homes (at least for now). Jen lent me an old fish bowl she had and I put in a little plant, and some pebbles inside to make him feel more at home. He's a lot more energetic now and when he gets scared he can just swim behind his plant. Man I'm such a worry-wart...

Well, that's all folks. A la prochaine.

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