"It Just Won't Do": Tim Deluxe
I was reading Summer's website and she posted up a 25 random facts about herself. I thought it would be a fun idea to do it too so I thought I'd give it a try too:

25 random facts about me:

1. my left hand shakes when I'm nervous.
2. i think dr. seuss is bloody brilliant.
3. i have an obsession with the 50's era.
4. i can do "the worm".
5. i met jerry robinson, the creator of robin, and joker of batman fame.
6. i own a concordia university jacket with my name embroidered on it but i go to mount allison university
7. i used to have the biggest crush on gillian anderson, agent scully from the "x-files".
8. nicknames i've had in the past: marvin the martian, mr. sulu, dimitri, gregs, gregor, cinque, the spaniard.
9. i self taught myself to do cartwheels, flips, and front handsprings as a kid
10. i used to breakdance.
11. i went to clown school and stunt school.
12. i used to drink vinegar from vinegar packets to get reactions from people.
13. i started a club in high-school called b.i.u. (bureau for the investigation of the unexplained). i was agent #1.
14. i say fudgicle sticks! and fraggle rock! as swear words.
15. i want to live on a house next to a beach by the ocean.
16. i did my a science project on aliens and on e.s.p. in high-school.
17. my guily pleasure in life is watching wrestling. "watcha gonna do, brother?!"
18. i like individuals, but i don't like people. the whole "mob mentality" thing scares me.
19. i'm anti-war. i wish the world were more tolerant of each other.
20. when i'm having a conversation with someone, i sometimes make faces for no reason.
21. i've had insomnia, lactose intolerance, junior arthritis, and i've had the same finger broken three times.
22. i want to take a year of to live as an artist. writing, painting, acting, travelling the world for the sake of art.
23. i'm a hopeless romantic and proud of it.
24. i love disney and i probably always will.
25. i talk to myself. does this mean i'm crazy? yes. quiet you!

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