You've got to be kidding...
I was flipping channels and I saw the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen. Now I don't know all the information because I tuned in right in the middle of it but there on CNN was a group of people in the United States discussing whether people should boycott against the French and the Germans by not selling French and German products. I don't know whether it's only one restaurant or many restaurants but they reported that at least one restaurant has stopped restorted to taking the french out of "french fries" and so now they're just called "fries". Has the world gone nuts? At first I thought that they were joking but there was an actual discussion about this and what surprised me the most was that people seemed in favour of this. Saying things like "Get rid of the French. Send the statue of liberty back too" or that "the Germans, the French and other European countries shoouldn't be treated as allies but what they reall are" and so on and so forth, That is absurd. How in the world will that accomplish anything? Right now I am shocked and I am actually disgusted that this is even taking place. We should be discussing ways of dealing with the impending war by trying to come up with reasonable solutions and not banning foods and spreading yet even more intolerance into this world.

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