"Scorpio Rising": Death in Vegas
Hey everyone I hope you had a great weekend. I had quite the relaxing one, watching movies and spending time with friends however now it's Monday so now it's crunch time again. It snowed yesterday and everything is white and beautiful. Not only that but it's also not that cold so no frozen face for me! No siree bob! Anyways on Saturday I was able to to a painting and boy has it been a while. It was the first time that I've painted anything since being back in Sackville after the Christmas holiday. I've been able to do alot of writing though which means that my portfolio is growing. Here are two poems that are translations of Spanish poems that I wrote. Enjoy!

My Soul

My soul loves you
Ah your mysterious voice
The birds sing,
the earth sings!
The mouth of the wind
Rising through the trees
orchestral and divine.
My love
my words
are for you.
You occupy everything,
sweet butterfly
my heart searches for you
my love
with your luminous eyes
and your mouth which has
the smile of the ocean.
My love
I love you!

-Gregory Santos 2003
Translation of “Mi Alma”


In the profound solitude.
Between the stones,
my soul dances
hour of happiness
hour of solitude.
The light of the universe
The wind howls.
The wind dances.
I am free.
Ah I cannot say a word!

-Gregory Santos 2003
Translation of “Pensando”

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