"In Your Eyes": Peter Gabriel
What a chilly day it was today. I went to drop off a rental with Maryn earlier this evening and we almost froze our cheeks to death (That's right. Both cheeks!) I had a pretty relaxing school day. Only two classes and so it was my last Production Drama class as well my last Greek Tragedy class. My Prod. class was pretty much discussing our roles in the play "Portrait of Dora" and what it was like to work the "tech" side of theatre. I have to say that it truly was an eye opening experience and this course really helped me appreciate the hard work that goes into creating a play. A huge thanks goes out to everyone involved and for everyone who helped me since it was the first time I was a paint supervisor. I would especially like to thank Decima - the set designer who guided me along the way, and listened to my silly questions and was there whenever I was. Oh yeah, a BIG thanks goes out to Maryn. You didn't have to come in all those times to paint with me since I know you already have a busy schedule but it made my time in the theatre so much more fun. (Sheesh, this sounds like an Oscar speech...) GO GANG GREEN!!!

Anyways, I can't believe that tomorrow is the second to last day of classes. This means that I am going to be coming home to Montreal next week and I will be finally seeing my family. Hurray! So have a good rest of the week. I'll be pretty busy tomorrow. There's going to be a party for the Drama people at Windsor theatre and then I'm getting all dressed up for the Christmas Banquet at night. Fun times, fun times...

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