"My Happiness": Powderfinger
Hi Moondoggy readers. So here I am, typing away at my laptop in Sackville, New Brunswick. It's weird to think that just yesterday I was young and fancy free in Montreal. Now here I am preparing for another year at school. Albeit my last year at Mount Allison. To quote Welsey Snipes in Blade II "Ooh so exciting!" Never saw the movie but the line seemed appropriate. Craig was waiting for me at the train station and then we lugged my stuff into Harper. It took me a while to get settled in because they were going to let me in only after 4:30 but oh well it's all good.

There aren't very many people here that I know right now because I'm a little early for a returning student however all the Frosh are here. So it's time to be the creepy 21 year old. MWAHAHAHAHAHA...
Ok maybe not creepy but perhaps weird. Yeah, I'll be the weird guy. I think eveyone should aspire to do something with their lives. Here's what's going to read on my CV:

Gregory Santos - overall weird guy.

Now there's a title one can be proud of!

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