Hey Moondoggy readers. Spent most of my afternoon painting my back porch. The weather has been really nice albeit a bit hot but who am I to complain. We haven't had good weather for a long time.
I saw "Cabaret" on Thursday. It was a really good show. I have heard the music before but I've never seen the show or the movie for that matter. I also had no clue that Sam Mendes directed it. He did "American Beauty" and the upcoming film starring Tom Hanks "Road to Perdition". The songs were memorable and the story was very well done.
Yesterday evening I saw "Minority Report". As a fan of Spielberg's, I was thrilled that his latest foray into fiction was even better than his previous film "A.I." For those of you who know me, you already know that I really enjoyed "A.I." whereas I was pretty much one of the only people who liked it. Like it's been advertised I think it is a flawed masterpiece.
Where "A.I." faltered, "Minority Report" prevailed. I think Spielberg learnt from his mistaked to create a different vision of the future that is quintissential Spielberg. All imagination and all story. For those of you who enjoy crime thrillers, especially crime thrillers set in the future, this is the movie for you.

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