"Hella Good": No Doubt
I'm feeling hella good so I'm going to keep on dancing...
That tune is just so catchy. How is everyone doing? It's been a few days since I last updated and I'm getting ready to go away to Toronto for the weekend. I'm getting all packed tight now but I'm still not entirely sure whether I'm going or not. The fate seems to lie on a person I don't even know. Originally the plan was for me to go away to London, Ontario with Ryan, Josh and their friend Dan. Ryan backed out of the trip and so now it was just Josh, Dan and I. Now we may not be going because Dan wants to bring a friend but if his friend doesn't come, he doesn't want to come. Planning trips are so complicated. Even my trip to Europe with Ryan was in jeopardy for a little while but right now everything seems to be going on schedule with that. Cross your fingers for me folks because I really want to get away for the weekend.
Has everyone heard about the kidnapping of little Elizabeth from Salt Lake City, Utah? I was watching CNN yesterday trying to follow the story of Arafat's compund being attacked when this news story came up. Apparently a 14 year old girl was taken by gunpoint from her house at 1:00 am. How sickening is this? To have someone break into your home and single out a specific person and this case an innocent little girl... it boggles my mind. No ransom has been made but hopefully this person is brought to justice but most importantly, let's all pray that Elizabeth gets brought back home safe and sound.
The world is a scary place for us to live in right now but I can't imagine how the world looks like to the little children out there that hear about everyone fighting around the world. It must be absolutely frightening. If I were a kid right now, I'd be afraid to grow up.

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