"Conquering Lion": Lauren Hill
The thunder and lightning outside is beautiful. Scary, but beautiful. Watching mother nature's power makes one truly understand how small we are and how mysterious and beautiful the world really is. We really have no business trying to control nature - I hope that I'm not around when nature feels like it's had enough.
I'm sad to report that Mirou didn't make it. The car was just way too big and he was just too small. It's always sad when someone loses a pet and it is especially sad when a pet dies so suddenly and unnaturally. Our thoughts go out to his owners and I'm sure that he is running around somewhere, chasing after another ball and that he is happy.
Over the past few days I've seen some pretty good movies. "Empire of the Sun", "The Deer Hunter", and "Ocean's 11".
The most entertaining was "Ocean's 11" but "Deer Hunter" was one hell of a movie. The russian roullette scenes were some of the most intense scenes that I've seen in a movie in a long time. "Empire of the Sun" wasn't Spielberg's best work but it was an interesting portrayal of war through the eyes of a young boy.
Oh and here's some interesting news. It seems that my friend Ryan never called back his aunt so we were never actually booked for our Contiki trip but luckily I called on Friday to get things rolling. I almost started freaking out but I talked to his aunt (who is his travel agent) and things seem to be looking good. I'll keep you updated on how things go. Keep your fingers crossed for me so that everything goes smoothly.

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